Online symposiumWalking and Cycling: Effective Actions Essential to Reaching the Climate Goals

The symposium will be an occasion to:

  • Hear from high-level policy and decision makers who are leading the way on active travel.
  • Learn about effective walking and cycling actions by PATH partners and supporters that are helping to reach the climate goals.
  • Brief PATH partners and supporters on activities and upcoming reports
  • Prepare PATH’s engagement for COP 28.

Missed the event? Don’t worry, you can watch the VOD to re-live the inaugural PATH Symposium.


by Sheila Watson, Deputy Director, FIA Foundation

Jorge Delgado, Secretary of State for Urban Mobility, Government of Portugal

This session will discuss how we can ensure walking and cycling play a greater role in climate mitigation.

Moderator: Sheila Watson, FIA Foundation

  • Asif Nawaz Shah, Specialist, International Partnerships, COP28 – UAE
  • Carly Gilbert-Patrick, Team Leader for Active Mobility, Digitalisation & Mode Integration, United Nations Environment Program
  • Heather Thompson, CEO, Institute for Transportation & Development Policy
  • Maria Vassilakou, Chair, Walk21 Europe
  • Jaime Ortiz Marino, 50 years of Cicolvia and Camino Via initiative
  • Global analysis of national walking and cycling policies, Analysis of walking and cycling content in Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) and a template NDC (Jim Walker, Founder, Walk21)
  • Plans for PATH COP28 campaign and activities and how PATH partners and supporters can contribute (Jill Warren, CEO, European Cyclists’ Federation)

Short presentations by a selection of PATH partners and supporters on current initiatives that advance walking and/or cycling to help reach the climate goals and deliver health benefits

  • Dutch Cycling Embassy, Shelley Bontje
      • Capacity building plan to train and deploy 10,000 active mobility experts worldwide, with a focus on the Global South
  • 30 Días en Bici (30 Days of Biking), Carlos Rodriguez
      • Open source tool to promote cycling for daily mobility in Spain and Latin America
  • Bike Walk Greenville, John McBurney
      • Advocating for safe biking and walking using the big data analytics platform Streetlight Data Insights
  • JoyRiders Britain CIC, Mariam Draaijer
      • Ride! Project helping disadvantaged communities to get into cycling
  • Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI), Aneela McKenna
      • Ensuring the UCI Cycling World Championships event brings cycling to new audiences and promotes sustainability
  • Walkability Institute (Instituto Caminhabilidade), Leticia Sabino
      • Initiative to map and recognise the best walkability projects realised by public agencies in Brazilian cities
  • World Bicycle Relief, Alisha Myers
      • Accelerating access to healthcare via bicycles in the Global South
  • Zambia Road Safety Trust, Chilekwa O’Brien
      • Reimagining city streets for pedestrian and cyclist friendly Zambia

by Sheila Watson